Ladies Back Pack
Ladies Back Pack
Ladies Back Pack

Ladies Back Pack


House of Kangaroo Ladies backpack

The House of Kangaroo Ladies backpack is made from 100% Kangaroo leather. Our backpack is soft, durable, and lightweight. The luxurious leather is stylish and comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps can be worn either as two straps or zipped into one. It also features a large interior pocket and a small zipped area to stow all the essentials. The bag is flexible with a draw string, button flap closure, and comes with our ‘signature roo lining’ or Australian aboriginal lining. The House of Kangaroo Ladies Backpack features our ‘squiggly roo pin on the outside, and our House of Kangaroo-Genuine Kangaroo leather emboss on the inside. The House of Kangaroo Ladies Backpack comes in an either an aboriginal gift box, ‘signature roo’ lining cloth bag, or aboriginal lining cloth bag. Available in a variety of colours!


HOK North America Ltd (House of Kangaroo) was established in 1999, and has built an organization that encompasses the highest standards and expertise, in the production of Kangaroo Leather products. From the beginnings of the tanning and manufacturing process, through to the final product presentation, no other company knows Kangaroo leather as well as House of Kangaroo!

Kangaroo versus other leather:

Kangaroo leather is widely accepted as being one of the strongest leathers. Kangaroo leather, which can only be obtained from Australia, has been proven to be structurally superior to sheepskin, bovine, and cowhide. CSIRO (Commonwealth Science and Industry Research Organization) conducted a study (Stephens 1987) proving kangaroo leather to have superior durability, for example:

Kangaroo Leather retains between 30%-60% of its original strength when split to 20% of original thickness. Calf retains only 1%-4% of its original strength when split to 20% of original thickness. Consumers would buy any car or piece of furniture if a supplier could prove their product lasts twice as long! So why not purchase a House of Kangaroo, kangaroo leather ‘Footy’ wallet? A wallet that has been hand-crafted to House of Kangaroo standards, and manufactured with leather twice as strong as most common leathers!

House of Kangaroo versus other Kangaroo leather Suppliers:

House of Kangaroo does not supply one or two kangaroo leather products as some other competitors. House of Kangaroo offers over 60+ kangaroo leather products. House of Kangaroo manufacturers, travel products, business products, golf products, ladies products, custom furniture products, and even specialty products such as Men’s winter gloves.

House of Kangaroo works with the largest and oldest tannery in Australia. All leather is purchased is of the highest grade due to the natural inconsistencies in Kangaroo skin, which is re-checked upon arrival in Indonesia and graded according to look and fell. Once in the factory this process is repeated. The skin is stretched and treated immediately before it is used, and each skin is cut individually, to guarantee consistency in sizing and definition of cuts.

House of Kangaroo (HOK) is a Unique Brand:

House of Kangaroo (HOK) products are manufactured not just based on the quality & durability of kangaroo leather, but also to provide a unique consumer experience. House of Kangaroo products are produced with either local Australian aboriginal lining or our signature ‘Squiggly Roo’ lining, as depicted below.

House of Kangaroo ‘COOBER’ men’s Golf Shoes with our signature ‘squiggly Roo’ cloth bag.


     Sample Australian Aboriginal lining


Ensuring your purchase is an authentic House of Kangaroo product, HOK products can be recognized by our ‘squiggly roo pin’, House of Kangaroo Logo-Genuine kangaroo leather emboss, ‘signature roo’ lining, Australian aboriginal lining, and unique product names such as ‘The Footy’ . House of Kangaroo has several trademarks and logos depicted below:



House of Kangaroo offers two fantastic golf gloves called the Durathin & Ultragrip. Once again you can recognize our products by our logos and aboriginal dots at the top & bottom of our packaging.





Kangaroo Industry:

The Kangaroo Industry is managed and regulated by the Australian Government, which endeavours to protect their National symbols. The Industry only harvests 4 Kangaroo species out of 48 based on a population of 50+ Million Kangaroos! Kangaroos do not exude methane gas (helps global warming) and their meat is low in fat and high in protein. For more information on Kangaroos and The Kangaroo Industry please visit: